Why should I run a session?

Sessions, Workshops, Discussions and Conversations at MediaCampNottingham are all about participation! Anyone can, and is welcome to run a session. 

There are topics MediaCampNottingham is particularly interested in. When deciding which sessions you want to attend or run its useful to get an idea of the session's  theme if you are new to the MediaCamp scene.

The themes are:
Digital. Creative 
(Web Development / Design / Accessibility / SEO)
  • Have you launched a new site recently? Tell us about the challenges and pitfalls.
  • Are you wiz at Search Engine Optimisation? Share the latest google secrets with us.
  • Share your businesses USP. What makes you special? Pitch uniqueness but don't sell.

Be seen. Get heard 
(Business/ Marketing / Communication / PR / Advertising / Social Media )What works for you? 
  • Share your social media campaign successes.
  • Core skills are very important. Share your top tips eg. "Press Release 101"
  • Use the power of the crowd and hold a discussion "What HR policy looks like in the age of social technology?"

Techno. Culture 
(Digital Arts / Media / Culture / Games / Education)
  • Leading by example - Share your GeoLocation insights
  • How is social media used in the classroom
  • Life style and logic - How long do you spend online

To volunteer to run a session please include the information when you sign up to attend. During sign up you will be asked the following questions. If you are feeling brave you can edit the google spreadsheet
  • Run a session / discussion? 
    ( answer Yes / No)
  • Session / Discussion 
    (enter a title for your session)
  • Preferred time slot. 
    (You may want to specify a time so you can attend a session already time tabled.)
  • Room. 
    (select: Main Hall, Room 1 or 3)

Session Spaces

There is a choice of 3 spaces. All rooms have wifi. The Main Hall has one projector. Room 1, The Board Room has a multi-media smart board. You will need to bring with you a laptop to run any digital presentations in Room 3. 

Main Hall: 
Holds 30 - 40 is theatre/caberet style and also has sound. (speakers for a laptop not a PA)
As a discussion space the main hall is divided in to Upper and Lower enabling both ends of the room to facilitate discussions of 8-12 people. There is no physical divide.

Rooms 1 (The Board Room): 
Holds 15 max. Set out in Boardroom style the table seats 8 with standing room for 7.
This room is equipped with a digital smart board. Presentation in here run from USB or from the cloud.

Room 3 (The Pink Room - First Floor) 
Holds 15 max. Set out in Boardroom style the table seats 8 with standing room for 7. This room has a projector. Presentation are run from the session leaders Laptop.